About Dr. Wascher

Thomas M Wascher, MD, FACS, remains one of the country’s most experienced cervical spine surgeons. He has performed over 4000+ Cervical Spine-related surgeries to date. Dr. Wascher has the distinction of graduating number one (valedictorian) in his high school, college, and medical school classes. After completing medical school, residency, and the rigorous training of a neurosurgical fellowship, he opened his neurosurgical practice in 1992. He is the only surgeon who has documented the data of his entire career online for patients to review.

His practice philosophy is simple:

“Treat everyone as a family member with a unique approach.”

Dr. Wascher’s goal is to improve the health of each and every one of his patients without surgery and to then proceed with the safest, most technologically advanced surgical procedures only when necessary.

Dr. Wascher has performed over 2400 anterior cervical fusion surgeries

Over 800 posterior cervical fusion surgeries performed

Recognized in the Guide to America’s Top Surgeons since 2007

Featured in Best Doctors in America since 2000

Received over 30 awards for social and academic excellence

Authored multiple books and articles in the field of neurosurgery

awards awards

Dr Wascher has performed 4000+ cervical spine related surgeries

Dr. Wascher’s microscopic cervical spine surgical techniques reduce the recovery time and the stress on your body


Smaller Scars


Less Pain


Faster Recovery


Quicker Return

Testimonials From Our Past Patients

3-Level Anterior Cervical Fusion

Vanessa had years of neck pain leaving her unable to even do her daily work. But with Dr. Wascher’s quick and timely intervention that included multiple viewings of MRIs, muscle and nerve tests, followed by a 3-Level Anterior Cervical Fusion, she is now happy without any neck issues. “I can happily say that by following the recommendations of Dr. Wascher, I am now pain-free,” says Vanessa as she talks about how great Dr. Wascher and his team were to work with.

Posterior laminectomy with fusion

When Nanette experienced deep pain in her shoulder, she got tests performed only to discover that she in fact had issues with her neck instead. After a few MRIs and scans, she contacted Dr. Wascher, who told her that she has bone spurs going into the spinal cord. Within a span of 3 weeks, she was able to go through surgery and get on the road to recovery. “I cannot say enough about Dr. Wascher’s expertise and empathy”, says Nanette as she joins an ever-growing community of people who, through Dr. Wascher and his team, have found happiness again.

Healthgrade Ratings and Reviews

Dr.Wascher's expertise include the following procedures:

  • Anterior Cervical Discectomy
  • Artificial Cervical Disc Surgery
  • Cervical Decompression
  • Anterior Cervical Fusion for Kyphosis / Deformity
  • Anterior Cervical Corpectomy
  • Cervical Spine Fusion
  • Intraoperative Neuromonitoring for Cervical Spine Surgery
  • Posterior Cervical (Keyhole) Foramenotomy
  • Stereotactic Radiosurgery for the Treatment of Metastases to the Cervical Spine

If a doctor or surgeon has recommended that you undergo cervical spine surgery, it is a good idea to get a second opinion.