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Case Study: Mobi-C Artificial Cervical Disc Replacement

37 year-old female presented to our office with 3 weeks of excruciating pain in her neck, radiating into her right shoulder. She noticed progressive weakness into her shoulder (deltoid) and loss of sensation. She was treated with oral steroids and PT, but that pain was intense. An MRI was performed, revealing a large right C4-C5 disc herniation. A cervical epidural cortisone injection was done, and provided 20% improvement. She continued in PT, but continued to get weaker. She was therefore deemed a good surgical candidate.

We discussed the patient’s options with her and her husband. She chose to undergo a Mobi-C® artificial cervical disc replacement. The surgery took less than an hour to complete, and her pain was gone when she woke from anesthesia. With ongoing PT, her deltoid strength returned fully. She was back to work back in 2 weeks.