Neck pain is a difficult problem to overcome. It can negatively impact every aspect of your life, including your livelihood. At the Wascher Cervical Spine Institute, we’re committed to helping you find relief for your cervical spine problems so you can return to living your life without pain. We offer a comprehensive and integrated approach to treating cervical spine issues using the most up-to-date surgical and non-surgical techniques available.

In many cases, cervical spine problems can be treated using nonsurgical modalities. That’s why we offer full diagnostic testing, physical therapy, chiropractic care, and injections for pain at our state-of-the-art center. We are proud to offer the latest nonsurgical treatments for cervical spine problems in one convenient location. For many people, these treatments will provide the symptom relief they need.

In the event your cervical spine problem doesn’t respond to nonsurgical treatments, you will be evaluated by one of our highly trained surgeons. Dr. Tom Wascher is a fellowship-trained neurosurgeon who had the distinction of graduating #1 in his high school, college and medical school classes. He has expertise in managing complex cervical conditions as well as other spinal conditions and disorders. He has one of the highest surgical success rates and one of the lowest complication rates in the industry. He is also a published author and has received numerous awards for medical and surgical excellence.

Dr. Wascher and the staff at Wascher Cervical Spine Institute treat each patient with the same concern and respect they would show to a member of their own family.

Each patient is evaluated and treated on an individual basis, with no question or concern going unanswered.

Our goal is to help you find solutions to your cervical spine problems and treat your condition in a way that involves the least risk and inconvenience to you. That’s why we offer so many treatment options under one roof – to give you a full range of services to meet your individual needs.

Wascher Cervical Spine Institute is a leader in the field of cervical spine care. We employ the latest technological advancements, but our most important goal is to ensure that you get care that’s individualized, comprehensive and compassionate. We’re pleased to offer an integrated approach to treating your cervical spine problem at our state-of-the-art spine care center. We look forward to welcoming you to your facility.

NeuroSpine Center of Wisconsin

The NeuroSpine Center of Wisconsin is recognized as among the best in spine care in the Midwest. Our unique approach means spine surgeons, physiatrists and physical therapists work together as a unified team. This ensures the most appropriate patient diagnosis and immediate treatment at one convenient location.


Highly specialized and board-certified, our physicians have advanced training and expertise in providing conservative (non-surgical) and surgical care for all types of neck and spinal disorders.

Spine Surgery


David C. DeWitt, MD
Jill J. Buchinger, APNP
Pamela E. Verkuilen, APNP
Dr. William Bodemer


(Spine and Peripheral Nerve)

Anthony K. Lee, PA-C
Thomas M. Wascher, MD, FACS
David R. Bond, APNP, CNRN


(Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation)

Casey M. Brown, DO
Douglas J. Hendricks, MD
J. Talbot Sellers, DO
Richard A. Staehler, MD
Jared Greenberg, MD
Amanda Greene, MD

Physical Therapy


Krista A. Fish PT
Cindy J. Hillesheim, PT
Ron S. Miller, PT

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We can provide that second opinion

If a doctor or surgeon has recommended that you undergo cervical spine surgery, it is a good idea to get a second opinion.