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Our Outcomes

Our Outcomes

We pride ourselves on our vast experience and high success rates. Here is the data to back it up. This data represents all patients from September 1992 thru December 2019.

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Procedure# of Patients
1 Level - No Instrumentation140
1 Level - ACD Anterior Plate680
2 Level - ACD Anterior Plate378
3 Level - ACD Anterior Plate162
4 Level - ACD Anterior Plate13
2 Separate Levels and Anterior Plate1
Revision ACD and Anterior Plate107
1 Level Corpectomy278
2 Level Corpectomy84
3 Level Corpectomy6
4 Level Corpectomy2
Hybrid (Corpectomy + 1 or 2 Level ACD)126
Hybrid (2 Level Corpectomy + Level ACD)9
Anterior-Posterior (Includes ACDs and Corpectomies)246
Noncontiguous 2 Level1
Total Anterior Patients2,233


Seroma Requiring Drainage0.1%1
Superficial Infection (Reaction to Steri-Strips)0.1%2
Deep Infection0.1%1
CSF Leak0.1%1
Incidental Durotomy0.1%1
Transient UE Weakness0%0
Permanent UR/LE Weakness0%0
Graft Extrusion0%0
Transient Dysphagia ( > 6 Weeks)0.5%7
Transient Dysphagia ( > 12 Weeks)0.2%3 (Mild)
Transient Hoarseness2.3%33
Permanent Hoarseness0.3%5
Vascular Injury0%0
Esophageal or Tracheal Injury0%0
Stroke Within 30 Days.1%1
Symptomatic Pseudoarthrosis (Mild)0.3%4
Symptomatic Pseudoarthrosis (Requiring Revision)0.3%4
Asymptomatic Hardware Failure (Broken Screw)0.3%4
Permanent Complication Rate (Requiring Repeat Surgery)0.7%10


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